Sunday, February 20, 2011

An Unconventional February Break

Waterford Superintendant Jerome Belair shortened the 2011 February vacation, leaving Waterford parents with an unconventional winter break. Keeping in this spirit, a quick Google search inspired some equally unconventional “holidays” and activities for your family to enjoy during this short vacation week.

Monday, February 21st is Presidents Day. This is the perfect time to incorporate learning with fun by honoring all the Presidents of the United States with some nifty crafts. Make a Presidential powdered wig or a little log cabin with everyday items and a little creativity.

Monday also happens to be National Sticky Bun Day! Enjoy baking these sweet treats together with one of the yummy recipes published by Connecticut’s own Martha Stewart.
If baking is not your thing, I urge you to stop by Flanders Bake Shop in East Lyme and celebrate there.

Tuesday, February 22nd is Pebbles Flintstone's Birthday. Take it prehistoric and celebrate by spending the day at The Dinosaur Place in Oakdale. Enjoy their free Dinosaur Camp which is an “Indiana Jones meets Jurassic Park” style paleontology adventure for kids.

If staying home is on the agenda, make a Flintmobile out of an old box and blankets and have the kids make up stone-age names for one another. If this modern stone-age family is unfamiliar to your kids, pull up some old episodes on and take a journey back to your childhood together.

Whatever you decide, I hope you keep it local and have a yabba dabba doo time!

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